Dr. Sarah Tindall, N.D, M.S.

Naturopathic Physician







Dr. Sarah Tindall is a licensed naturopathic physician completing her second year of residency in a split position between NUNM and A Woman’s Time. She graduated from NUNM in 2018, earning both a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Master of Science in Nutrition. Dr. Tindall’s clinical interest is centered around evidence-based, integrative family medicine with an emphasis on women’s health. As a medical student, her clinical rotations predominantly focused on primary care, but were diversified by preceptorships and specialty rotations in pediatrics, gastroenterology, IV therapy, environmental medicine, oncology, mental and community health. Dr. Tindall is deeply committed to patient empowerment and preventive medicine, and believes all people have the right to excellent healthcare.


Prior to medical school, Dr. Tindall earned her Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. She graduated cum laude with distinction as a university scholar and university research scholar for successful completion of the honors curriculum and involvement in a myriad of undergraduate research projects.


Outside of clinic, Dr. Tindall can be found exploring the outdoors, absorbed in beekeeping activities, cooking delicious food, gardening, and enjoying time with her family and friends.