Clinic Philosophy

We utilize the whole spectrum of health care – alternative and conventional medicine – with the treatment options being individualized to each patient and each clinical situation. This model of health care is called Integrative Medicine – maximizing the strengths of alternative therapies and conventional medicine while minimizing the weaknesses of each.

Providing options in the management of menopause issues, women’s health, and the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases are our main missions.

We treat each woman individually and as unique by assessing her specific symptoms and identifying her risk factors. We specialize in the treatment of women and see women of all ages with gynecological, hormonal, primary care or general health problems.

Part of the success of an integrative model of health care is a strong network of close working relationships with practitioners of all disciplines. The physicians at A Woman’s Time have a special and unique reputation in the medical community as being practitioners who respect all disciplines and the expertise that each has to offer. Our relationships with internists, surgeons, cardiologists, gynecologists, oncologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, osteopaths, other naturopathic physicians and medical specialists, and allied practitioners is an invaluable resource to our patients.

We are able to work closely with your other practitioners on your behalf, and enjoy a robust referral network to and from all practitioners.

Hormone Balance for Women

The topic of hormones is frequently in national news.  There are many different approaches and prescription hormonal options, depending on age, clinical scenario, and our expertise in evaluating the benefits and the risks.  With comprehensive information from our intake process, and our expertise in evaluation and treatment, we can recommend an individualized and personalized plan with is done in collaboration with each patient.

The Naturopathic Physicians at A Woman’s Time have a great deal of experience and expertise in women’s health and specialize in assessing and addressing the hormonal needs of women who are peri-menopausal, menopausal, or at other times of your life where your symptoms and health  issues are related to hormonal influences. We have a wide array of options and choices to work with including customized compounded bio-identical hormones.

Each woman and each situation is approached individually. Testing of hormone levels may or may not be necessary to determine your situation or your treatment  options. However, our comprehensive evaluation includes a team approach between you the patient and us, your  physician.

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