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Dr. Rachel Surprenant is a licensed naturopathic physician  in the second year of residency.  While in naturopathic medical school and her residency, she completed rotations in family medicine, mental health, women’s health, naturopathic gastroenterology, pediatrics and natural childbirth.  She received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon and earned her undergraduate degree from Colgate University in Hamilton, New York.

Dr. Surprenant has pursued extra training in pediatrics and vaccination counseling.  She loves to empower patients and their parents on all aspects of their health and will provide as much information as possible to support your family.  If you are unsure which vaccinations your child is due for, or just wish to discuss vaccinations with a provider, please schedule a vaccination consult with her.

Dr. Surprenant thrives on collaboration with your medical team, and believes you do, too.  She blends the best of integrative medicine –collaborating with your other providers—with the best of naturopathic medicine – focusing on the foundations of health, the individual, and addressing root cause of disease.  When she’s not practicing medicine, she can be found in the woods hiking with her dog.