What Is It?

Neural therapy is a German technique that is commonly practiced all over Europe. It is commonly used to treat chronic pain, including back pain and neck pain, delayed-onset-muscle-soreness (DOMS), headaches, and among others.


Who Can Benefit From This Treatment?

There are specific concerns that may benefit from Neural Therapy including, chronic neck or back pain, DOMS or generalized muscle soreness, headaches, and migraines. In treating your chronic pain, we will also help you to identify and manage the root cause of such symptoms.


What can you expect from the treatment?

The procedure involves small injections of local anesthetic with a mixture of vitamins under the skin to a localized area. It acts by decreeing inflammation and promoting circulation within the area. The effects can last any where from hours, to weeks, to months, depending on the severity, how the individual reacts to the injections, and the number of treatments recommended.


The first appointment takes 60 minutes. Follow up appointments can be completed between 30 minutes, which does not require additional office visits, unless it is needed.


Duration of treatment?

Treatment recommendations will vary per individual and can include 1 – 4 treatments as the initial prescription, while you and your doctor work on addressing underlying causes.


Will my insurance cover it?

Insurance does not cover neural therapy. However, any office visits associated with on-going treatment, unrelated to the actual therapy, may be covered by your insurance based on varying plans. Should you have any questions, please contact our office or your insurance carrier for further guidance.


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