This customized IV is formulated with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that help fight aging and help improve your skins natural glow. Packed with B Vitamin, including biotin, these vitamins are essential to healthy skin and can aid in moisture, texture, and pigmentation of the skin. This IV is also formulated with Vitamin C, a key nutrient in collagen synthesis, and preventing or improving sun-damaged skin.  Minerals are additionally added to aid in skin cell stabilization and promote anti-oxidant effects.











This IV takes Tissue Recovery a step further by being formulated with additional vitamins, minerals and amino acids that aid in muscle and tissue recovery. Vitamin C and supporting minerals included in this IV offer strong anti-oxidant support, while the amino acids support muscle and tissue energy, to collectively improve muscle recovery. The B Vitamins added in this IV can aid in blood flow to the muscles and assist in protein metabolism. This IV may be a good addition to any strength-training regimen, including those just beginning an exercise routine to the elite athlete.











This is great for those weekend warriors, whether you’ve killed your gym workout, battled that 10-mile hike, or are recovering from a night out. This is a great source of hydration and packed with electrolytes and vitamins, to re-vitalize your body.











Supporting cognitive function and reducing inflammation, is what this is IV is all about. Formulated with a high concentration of Vitamin C and B vitamins, these nutrients are central nutrients in brain health. Minerals and amino acids are added to assist with the antioxidant support, in your ability to handle stress, and to support the neurological system as a whole. If improving cognitive function or brain health is a primary goal, this may be a good addition to an established regimen.











Formulated with vitamins, including vitamin C, minerals, and amino acids, this IV is a step up from Detox Accelerator. Apart from Vitamin C being a powerful antioxidant on its own, it also supports other antioxidants, including glutathione. Supportive nutrients, such as MIC and other minerals are added to support the liver’s detoxification pathways. This IV may be a good supplementation to a current detox program or may be considered if you are interested in starting one. Other detox options are available, so talk to your doctor about a detox program this is most suited for you.











Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, this IV also incorporates amino acids to enhance energy production, giving you the energy boost you may be looking for. Additionally, B12 is key in stabilizing mood and stress, which can factor into overall fatigue. In lieu of the caffeine, this IV may be suitable for re-charging you through the rest of the week or during the busiest times of the year.











Glutathione is necessary for detoxification and is essential to multiple systems, including, the immune system, neurological system, and our skin. Additionally, it may aid in weight loss or detox protocols. This is a great addition to other IV’s, as glutathione assists and can amplify the function of other vitamins. Talk to your doctor to see if glutathione may be a good addition for you.












This is the simplest IV if re-hydrating your body is what you are looking for. Water is an essential nutrient, compromising 60-75% of our bodies. Water is needed by every cell in our body and necessary for all of our body’s daily functions, so don’t let dehydration slow you down. Use it as an IV alone or as an add-on to other IV’s for the extra hydration.















This IV is formulated to support, stimulate, and assist your immune system in fighting off the common viral infections. Packed with vitamin C and supporting minerals, including zinc and selenium, this is sure to give your immune system the extra boost it needs. Use it during or as prevention for cold and flu season.











This is the most common IV and formulated with the necessary vitamins and minerals to help support your body. Included in this well-known cocktail are Vitamin C and B Vitamins, magnesium, and calcium. This IV can be used on variety of conditions including fatigue, dehydration, infection, and among others. This IV is perfect if you are needing that extra boost of nutrients and are wanting to drop in for a quick visit.











This IV is a step up form the Myers standard and formulated with extra hydration, vitamins, and minerals. This is perfect for getting your body ready for the weekend, a trip, preventing infection, or used as a little energy boost.












If you are feeling more overwhelmed than normal, this IV is packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to help calm the nervous system and bring a calming sensation to your body. Taurine and B vitamins are both essential components to this IV, by stabilizing the mind and aiding your body’s nervous system in coping with stress. Magnesium is another key nutrient included in this IV to help supporting the nervous system and adrenal glands.











Formulated with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, this IV can be a good addition to a weight loss regimen. Amino acids and supporting nutrients in this IV, including MIC (methionine, inositol, and choline), help to assist in metabolism, breaking down of fat, and maintaining the function of cells, while L-Carnitine can improve muscles ability to burn calories. Packed with different B Vitamins, this IV helps to promote energy production utilizing carbohydrates, fat, and proteins and can help give you an energy boost.





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